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“Xristina Tsakoumakou” created xristinatsakoumakou.com to provide information and services to its users.

The use of xristinatsakoumakou.com online shop is regulated by the present terms and conditions, which users are invited to carefully read and comply with. Its use implies the unreserved acceptance of the present terms and conditions.

“Xristina Tsakoumakou” can, for any reason and without notice, update these terms. We will make every effort to indicate any changes with a notification in the main page. The constant use of this website by its users after the starting date of any updates in these terms, will be considered an acceptance of these updates by the users.

1.Liability Disclaimer

1.1. “Xristina Tsakoumakou” is not responsible for any action of a person or an organization, regardless of where they are based, as a result, direct or indirect of the information included or available through this website, regardless of whether this information is provided by “Xristina Tsakoumakou” or a third party.

1.2. “Xristina Tsakoumakou” does not guarantee, directly or indirectly, that the website content is always updated, safe, without errors, will respond to users’ demands and that the results from its use will be reliable, accurate and without errors.

1.3. As a result of constant developments, the information provided in this website may not always be completely updated and, for this reason, the information is provided on the basis of “AS IS” and “AS AVAILABLE”. The use of information received or stored from or through this website lies exclusively on the judgement and responsibility of the user. Thelatteracceptsthat they should evaluate the content and that they are responsible for any danger that might be caused by the use of any content.

1.4. The content of this online shop does not provide advice or recommendations nor should it be considered a basis for any decision or action, invitation to invest or otherwise participate in shares or other stocks of “Xristina Tsakoumakou”. The actual results and developments may differ from any provision, opinion or ambition expressed in this website and any older forecast of stocks price shall not be considered a reliable guide for future performance.

1.5. All information provided regarding the properties of ingredients and products used by “Xristina Tsakoumakou” are exclusively for informative use and do not constitute, by any means, instructions for medical purposes.

2.Republishing prohibition

2.1. The copyrights of the content of this website, including, with no restriction, all documents, files, texts, images, graphics, accessories and code included, as well as the overall image of the website, constitute intellectual and industrial property of “Xristina Tsakoumakou”, unless stated otherwise and protected by the relevant provisions of the Greek, European and international law.

2.2. All product names mentioned in this website constitute trademarks of “Xristina Tsakoumakou”, excluding those indicated to belong to other companies.

2.3. “Xristina Tsakoumakou” authorizes users to copy and print parts or documents of this website (unless it concerns content belonging to a third party and is determined as such) for non-commercial use on their part, considering that each copy or parts of these documents or pages obtained maintains all copyrights or other property announcements and any disclaimer contained. Apart from this limited permission, nothing in this website should be interpreted as guarantee for any other right or permission regarding any copyright, patent or trademark of “Xristina Tsakoumakou” or any other third party. All “Xristina Tsakoumakou” logos and trademarks should not be used or reproduced without prior written consent by “Xristina Tsakoumakou”.

2.4. Unless stated otherwise, copying for industrial purposes, modification or reproduction of parts or all contents of this website in any other form, based on it and/or its content or the integration in other websites, of electronic retrieval systems, is strictly forbidden. No link in this website may be included in any other website without prior written approval by “Xristina Tsakoumakou”.

3.Third party websites and contents

Parts of the contents of this website may belong to third parties (e.g., articles, data or excerpts) or there may be hyperlinks that lead to third-party websites, that have full responsibility (civil or criminal) for the security, legitimacy or validity of the content of the websites and their services, excluding any responsibility by “Xristina Tsakoumakou”.

“Xristina Tsakoumakou” cannot guarantee that the users of this website have any right to use content belonging to third parties that is available in this website. Users must receive permission by the third party before using or saving that content. Content that is protected by copyrights cannot change, and this applies to any author notice or copyright notice in it without prior consent.

“Xristina Tsakoumakou” provides these links for its users’ facilitation. It does not have any control over third-party websites or their content, of which the visit is conducted through this website or they are provided to it, and as such, “Xristina Tsakoumakou” does not support, fund, consult and is not responsible for any of these websites or their content.

4.Online shop changes

“Xristina Tsakoumakou” reserves the right to change or withdraw any part of or the entire website anytime without prior notice. Any changes will apply on the user’s next online shop visit. The users of our e-shop are not entitled to any compensation for not being able to use the services provided by it.


All questions must be submitted to the email address hello@xristinatsakoumakou.com.

6.Users obligations

6.1. Your status as a user of this website is personal and, as such, you must not share it with any other individual. Once you have been provided with a username and/or password, you agree that you will securely store them as private and you agree to (i) inform “Xristina Tsakoumakou” once you notice any unauthorized reveal or use of your personal username and/or password and (ii) you are responsible for any loss or damage that will result from this unauthorized use or reveal.

6.2.You are responsible for the necessary equipment to access the website and all relevant third-party charges (e.g., phone and Internet service provider charges).

6.3. You agree to use this website only according to these Terms. In the case that unauthorized use of this website results to the loss or damage of any individual, who then raises a claim against “Xristina Tsakoumakou”, you agree to compensate “Pureshop” for any loss and/or damage caused.

6.4. As a user of this online shop, you undertake:

6.4.1. To use this website according to the written instructions for which you will be informed from time to time by “Xristina Tsakoumakou” and not use this website for any other purpose than the one it is provided for, according to the present Terms or as otherwise stated occasionally in posts or announcements by “Xristina Tsakoumakou”.

6.4.2. To not act against, knowingly or unknowingly, any legal or regulatory requirements by any competentauthority, while visiting the website.

6.4.3. To not use this website for unauthorized attempts to access the “Xristina Tsakoumakou” systems or third-party networks.

6.4.4. To not use the website for business activities or other activities or contribute to unlawful activities.

6.4.5. To not use this website for the transmission of any defamatory, offensive or threatening action or an action that violates third-party rights or for causing disruption, harassment or unnecessary concern towards any other third party or to send messages which you know are false or to use this website for such purposes.

6.4.6. To immediately inform “Xristina Tsakoumakou” about any claim or action of any nature against yourself for any use of the website, and upon “Pureshop’s” request, to immediately stop the action for which the accusation occurred.

6.4.7. To immediately inform “Xristina Tsakoumakou” about any changes that affect your subscription data. It is your responsibility to ensure that your subscription data are updated.

In the case that any article of the above terms is not applicable, it will not affect the validity and possibility of the implementation of the remaining terms.

These terms represent the overall agreement between each user and “Xristina Tsakoumakou” and regulates the access and use of the online shop by the users. They prevail over any other written agreement between each user and “Xristina Tsakoumakou” in relation to the use of the present online shop.

The above terms are interpreted in accordance with the Greek Legislation.